All aspects of the modern economy are under-pinned by Smart and connected Embedded Systems. As an industry we embed our technology so well that, whilst it is the single most critical building block, it is completely hidden from view and its functionality completely integrated to the extent that this technology is often completely un-appreciated.

TechNES has been established to provide a platform for coherence in this domain by connecting leading companies across industrial sectors; sustaining and supporting the world-class capability that exists in the UK; developing our agenda to drive a brighter future. This will cover all aspects of embedded systems from hardware, through to systems and software engineering.


To be the recognised industry-led UK body for thought leadership, sharing of industry best practice and opportunities for research and collaboration in Embedded Systems Engineering.


To build an industrially led community of companies, universities and stakeholders committed to investing for the future development of Embedded Systems Engineering in the UK.

The network will be led by leading experts, a body of respected senior embedded systems professionals, to inform companies that develop, operate, and maintain products that contain embedded systems.

The Network will develop ways to build and strengthen the Embedded Systems Engineering capability in the UK, bringing coherence to and articulating sector needs. It will encourage wider recognition from the public and private sector of the product value enabled by these components, the risks, and opportunities in both their development and ownership, and the skills and learning needed to engineer reliable products suitable for their intended market.

TechNES will enable communication between practising managers of embedded systems projects for exchange of best practice, providing a platform to collaborate in research and development, skills, and training solutions, and to establish high-value partnerships between industrial and academic participants including liasing with UKESF ( )

TechNES members will help define cross-industry best practices and industry-specific standards such that the body becomes a recognised authority.

TechNES will champion the challenge and rewards of all aspects of embedded systems as a career with a significant UK future, and to spark enthusiasm for embedded systems engineering in future generations of potential engineers. It will support this by, for example, creating a skills framework to enable the practical assessment, nurturing and development of embedded systems engineers at all levels and all stages of their career.