Landmark Launch of AI Community to Focus on the Necessity of Engineering Trustworthy AI

TechWorks, the industry association at the core of the UK deep tech community has announced the landmark launch of ‘TechWorks AI’ at the Iconic Bletchley Park to facilitate innovation and address the threats that a growing world of AI tech affords. The launch unites the proven communities of TechWorks to collaborate on the future evolution of AI systems, commencing with a focus on ‘engineering trustworthy AI’.

Governments and organisations are witnessing the stark reality of AI technology, the challenges faced and the importance of ascertaining the trustworthiness of AI as it underpins all aspects of our future. The nature of these challenges, and the possible solutions, is an area in which the combined Techworks community has significant breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

TechWorks brings together five industry bodies covering electronic systems in automotive innovation, IoT cyber security and semiconductor manufacturing, design, and embedded systems. The new AI initiative will allow the collaboration of expertise across these bodies to combine this knowledge and the technical building blocks needed to engineer trustworthy AI.

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Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for AI and Intellectual Property), Viscount Camrose

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TechWorks COO and IoT Security Foundation Managing Director, John Moor